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Related to the news about Amazon’s Encrypted S3 is the news about Amazon supporting Encrypted EBS Volumes. Read on to learn more.

Amazon’s S3 cloud storage service has supported Server Side Encryption (SSE) since 2011. But Amazon recently announced a new feature: S3 now supports Customer-provided Keys (SSE-C).

There are a few different ways to migrate existing infrastructure to an IaaS environment. This article will explain the Forklift method.

ownCloud 7 is scheduled to be released in a few weeks and it has some great new features lined up. One of them is the ability to use OpenStack Swift as the primary storage. Read on for more details…

When evaluating a managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, there are several areas to research and compare. Every IaaS provider offers their own twist on each feature — it’s what makes one provider different from the other. The best IaaS provider is going to be the one with the most compatible portfolio to your own interests. This article will cover the major features to research and ask about.